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About Us

Hey! I’m Steph Domingue, Owner and Personal Stylist at Shoe Shi Boutique! 

I wasn’t always the most fashionable girl around, even growing up in the eclectic city of New Orleans. My love of fashion didn’t blossom until my college years when I found a quaint little boutique that always had the latest, freshest styles. I adored their personal customer service and the way they always made me feel like a star customer.
Years later, following Hurricane Katrina, I told my husband that I wanted to open up my own business. He literally just laughed and said that it would never work! 

Undeterred, I went to the next best person; my father. I told him my idea, and he assured me that I had the perfect personality to run a thriving boutique. 

Due to the devastation of Katrina, we could not open our business in the city. For weeks I drove around exploring different parts of Louisiana until I finally found a charming little town called Thibodaux. They had a college but very few stores in sight, so I figured it would be the greatest plan I’ve ever hatched! 

I told my husband, Ray, that if after a year the store didn’t work, we would just cut our losses and laugh about this silly experience. I commuted every day to our store and worked alone for the first year we were open. 

After that year, Ray told me that he thought this was a great idea and that we should probably move closer to the store. I was beyond elated and couldn’t believe this was really happening! So we packed up our things, moved to this little town (where we didn’t know anyone!) and started our new life. 

That was 13 years ago, and since then we have moved to a much larger location, had three children, and even added a dog to the mix! This close-knit community has welcomed us with open arms and we could not be more proud to call this city our home! Our store has been thriving for almost 14 years and it’s been a whirlwind of joy, stress, love, chaos, uncertainty, and fun! 

Thank you so much for stopping by to learn a bit more about how Shoe Shi Boutique came to be! I hope you find something you just absolutely adore!