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  • By Emily Knobloch
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Denim has been a constant staple in every wardrobe for as long as we can remember, but how well do you actually know your denim? Check out Emily's do's and don'ts for styling your old faithful jeans!

  1. DO CUFF | Let’s face it, jeans rarely come in the perfect length, so we are faced with this issue of the dreaded scrunched hem. Combat this awkward fashion faux pas, with a cuff. Try rolling your hem up a couple times for a polished, fashionable look.
  2. DON’T DISTRESS | Not what you’re thinking here…distressed denim is very on trend at the moment, but keeping your favorite denim (distressed or not) in tip top shape is important! Wash your jeans on a cold cycle, inside out, and hang to dry. Denim is super prone to fading and stretching, so take extra care in the wash.
  3. DO TRY A HIGHER WAIST | A higher waistline is not only more visually slimming, it helps to tuck in your tummy! A lower rise jean can unfortunately lead to the dreaded muffin top, so be sure to choose a waistline that is most flattering for your body shape.
  4. DON’T BE AFRAID OF DENIM ON DENIM | Did I hear someone say the Texas Tuxedo? If done correctly, denim on denim can be a major style win. The key to success is mixing different hues of denim. As long as there is a strong contrast in the denim pieces, you’re in the clear!
  5. DO TUCK | It’s the perfectly undone look! A front tuck gives a little shape to your figure (especially if you’re pairing your jeans with a billowy top), but isn’t a commitment to a super polished full tucked look.


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